The Part B Specialists™ Diabetes Supply Program

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When it comes to diabetes supplies, you can't beat the convenience of the Part B Specialists™ Diabetes Supply Program. Now when you pick up your other medications and pharmacy products at your favorite local store, you can pick up your diabetic supplies too. Part B Specialists™ handles all of the Medicare billing and assignment of secondary insurance at no charge. Your diabetes supplies are waiting for you when you arrive. Part B Specialists™ will even remind you when it's time for your next order so you don't run out.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm EST,
Voicemail monitoring after hours, on weekends & during holidays

About Part B Specialists™

Part B Specialists™ is a participating Medicare provider and has received accreditation for the provision of durable medical equipment. The company provides diabetes supplies and select pharmaceuticals to Medicare Part B patients nationwide exclusively through partnerships with local and regional pharmacies. By working closely with our retail partners, we deliver friendly local service while efficiently managing billing and back office functions at our corporate location. Our mission is to provide value to our partner pharmacies and our mutual patients while assuming the responsibility for compliance with the Medicare Part B program requirements.

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