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Get the shot, not the flu. Thousands of seniors get the flu each season, many with life threatening consequences. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has commented that getting a flu shot is one of the most important things a senior citizen can do to safeguard their health. Through the Part B Specialists™ Med B Vaccine Program, Medicare Part B beneficiaries can receive flu shots, and pneumonia vaccines as well, through local partner pharmacies. Medicare has recognized the importance of promoting flu shots for seniors and has waived all deductibles and copayments.

Flu shots are available each year on September 1st in preparation for the coming flu season. Please use the store locator below to find a Part B Specialists™ Med B Vaccine Program Part Pharmacy in your area. If we do not yet have a partner pharmacy near you, please ask your local pharmacy to contact us to enroll in the program.





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Part B Specialists™ is a participating Medicare provider and has received accreditation for the provision of durable medical equipment. The company provides diabetes supplies and select pharmaceuticals to Medicare Part B patients nationwide exclusively through partnerships with local and regional pharmacies. By working closely with our retail partners, we deliver friendly local service while efficiently managing billing and back office functions at our corporate location. Our mission is to provide value to our partner pharmacies and our mutual patients while assuming the responsibility for compliance with the Medicare Part B program requirements.

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